Use research (not luck) to achieve solid returns
Reduce the risk of buying off-the-plan with our comprehensive data driven research.
Access opportunities before they hit the market
Get first pick of premium developments and the chance to take advantage of exclusive opportunities not available elsewhere.
We’ll negotiate a better deal for you
Secure the best deal with an experienced negotiator by your side and in your corner.
Always know where you stand
All fees and commissions are simple and transparent.

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The Property Ecosystem

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Property Education
Aviate Group Property Education
Aviate Group partners with Kaplan Professional Training to provide the best property education in the industry. Contact us for more information.
Property Investment consultant
Aviate Group Property Investment Consultant
Property Investment Consultants are the linchpin for your property investment experience. Together with input from the referral partner, they will take into account the details of your circumstances and find you the Aviate-approved property that best suits your needs.
Research provider
Aviate Group Research Provider
Aviate's 32 criteria, with its 108 sub points, is a detailed accredited process for researching and eliminating any second-rate properties in the off-the-plan market in which Aviate operates. Notably, the 32-step process includes the requirement for an independent valuation as the basis for property pricing.
Personal Advice
These professionals are duty-bound to provide a quality service and give you, the investor, advice within their field of expertise that suits your personal circumstances. It's normal for a professional to earn a referral fee for the combined effort with Aviate towards successful property investment. Always ask if you're not sure.
Your accountant may recommend buying property to take advantage of tax breaks available through this type of investment. A referral fee is available from the vendor and paid via Aviate Group. Accountants may disclose the referral fee they receive as part of an overall fee package.
Financial Planner
A financial planner assists in setting your investment goals and strategy. A referral fee is available from the vendor and paid via Aviate Group. Financial planners may disclose the referral amount they receive as part of their overall fee package.
Mortgage Broker
Your Mortgage Broker will be able to advise on your borrowing capacity for property finance. Your mortgage broker will receive a referral fee paid by the vendor via Aviate Group.
/ Solicitor
Conveyancer or Solicitor
When buying a property, you will need a conveyancer or solicitor to ensure there are no hiccups through the purchase process. You may bring your own or choose from several recommended by Aviate.
Property Advice
Aviate Group will help ensure the best property professionals are contributing to your investment property.  We work with people that have earned our trust since we opened in 2001.
Aviate Group carefully vets the developers that we work with. With industry knowledge about the reputations of each developer, we can help ensure you don't unwittingly commit to an inexperienced or incompetent developer. Developers pay Aviate a capped commission fee for each sale made, from which Aviate distributes referral fees, which we disclose to purchasers.
Buyer's Agent
A buyer's agent can help source and negotiate a property purchase. Their research is similar to what Aviate provides when selecting investment properties, however some invaluable parts of the market (for example off-the-plan stock) can be left out of a buyer's agent's recommendation.  The purchaser pays them directly, often with a proportion of the fee in advance.
A valuer provides an independent professional analysis of the value of the property. This valuation can then be used by the lender to assess the amount you may borrow against the property.
Real Estate
Real Estate Agents
A traditional real estate agent is mostly active in resales of existing properties and represents the vendor (the seller) in price-setting and negotiations.  Real estate agents charge the vendor a percentage of the property price as a commission. Many purchasers engage a buyer's agent to engage in negotiations with the vendor's real estate agent.
Financiers provide the debt finance that can supplement your cash to purchase an investment property. Mortgage brokers are well-placed to recommend from the myriad of lenders available, from banks to credit unions and non-bank lenders.
Property Managers
Property managers look after your rental properties, and can provide a comprehensive service including tenant screening and maintenance requests among others.

Aviate success stories

Aviate has helped thousands of people build wealth from property investment.
Scott has represented Aviate well and I would no have continued the relationship if I was comfortable with Scott. He answered all my questions, was knowledgeable backend his product and supplied us with any / all details requested.
Michael Y.
I am very happy with the service from the Aviate Team. I would score Aviate Team highest mark of 4. I am very happy with the detailed information that was provided me from the team. I selected my purchases based on the extensive details that was shared. I purchased a property in the market that I did not ever consider entering. My investing knowledge is limited. I am pleased to have been recommended to Aviate. The team has opened my eyes to factors to consider when investing. These factors, would never been considered by me if I was selecting my own property. I hope to purchase more properties in the future through Aviate.
Jason K
I would like to thank Aviate for being so efficient and persistent thought out the entire process of buying this property. I felt like I constantly had your help and support due to your great level of communication, honesty and straightforwardness. I strongly appreciate all the dedicated hard work and time you invested in this. After dealing with you, I can say that I am sincerely satisfied with the effort.
Thanks Aviate - it has been a good process and I'm indebted to you for your advice and reassurance.
David T.
I'd absolutely recommend Aviate as a way to go about getting your feet on the property ladder from the investment point of view.
Jame S.
Thanks to everyone involved in my transaction. I am always amazed at how easy things are!
Andrew T.